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GenerationPro is an international oriented business partner.

We invest in startups

We provide seed capital for startups once the idea passes our due diligence. Generally we are actively involved with the development and exploitation of the business case.

For one, if you don't know what is important to your prospective investor, how can you possibly close them? Perhaps this lack of awareness or interest on the founder's part is why they close less than 10% of their investment leads on average.

VCs always talk about how they invest in the founding team (rather than the idea or product). This is because they know the original idea/plan will most likely change, and the founders must navigate lots of choppy waters to survive and ultimately thrive. There is no way to gain this trust/faith without having established a meaningful relationship over a long period of time. Investors want to see you how you handle both success and failure before they invest.

Our strategy is to find the very Golden idea that will give a very large income. Over the years, such projects shoot and give super profits.

Join us and you to our profitable strategy!

Our plans
40% after 2 days

10$ - 99$

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80% after 1 days

100$ - 399$

Instant Withdraw
160% after 1 days

400$ - 1000$

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